The Rules of Caño Soccer

  1. Matches are 1v1 or 2v2.
  2. Matches begin with each player in their goalie box and the ball on the center line. Players yell “Caño” and the game is on.
  3. Each game is played to 9 points. If a match reaches 3 minutes then whoever is in the lead wins. If there is a tie, a tie-break will follow. Tie-breaks are done by having one player stand in the middle of their goal as a statue. The other player shoots the ball from their end of the cage, trying to score around the statue player. After this, the second player then shoots back. This continues until one player scores and the other does not. For more skillful players, instead of shooting regularly you can turn around and shoot with a backheel to add a challenge to the tie-break.
  4. Caño, otherwise known as a nutmeg, is when you put the ball through your opponent's legs.  
  5. "Caño mas espectacular" is when you put the ball through your opponent's legs and maintain control. If the ball hits a wall of the cage before you regain control, it counts just as a regular caño.
  6. Points are awarded in three ways. A goal is one point. A caño is one point. A caño that scores a goal is two points (one for the caño and one for the goal).
  7. A caño mas espectacular is an instant victory, regardless of the current score.
  8. Once a player has possession they must shoot or attempt a caño within 10 seconds.
  9. Contact is not allowed in any way.  Initiating contact with an opponent is a penalty and the other side gets the ball immediately.  Play resumes when all players are ready.
  10. Players may not use the wall to push off in any way. If a player pushes off any wall, play is stopped and possession is given to the other side. Play resumes when all players are ready.