1v1 Caño Soccer Events


Check out the best plays and highlights from our first two events! 

Upcoming 1v1 Events in conjunction with 3v3Live


Saturday June 23rd, San Antonio

Saturday June 30th, Houston

Saturday June 30th, San Antonio

Saturday July 7th, Dallas

Saturday July 14th, Pearland

Saturday July 21st, Lubbock

Saturday July 21st, San Antonio

Saturday July 28th, Round Rock

Saturday August 4th, Temple


How does 1v1 Caño work?

  • First of all, check out the rules of Caño Cage™ soccer here.
  • 1v1 Caño Soccer pits participants against each other in the Caño Cage™ where players are encouraged to show off their foot skills and best moves in an attempt to both score and caño (or nutmeg) the opposition.
  • For the events in conjunction with 3v3Live, anyone regardless of age, gender, or skill level can purchase a $10 wristband for all-day access to the Caño Cage™. Mini events such as single elimination tournaments, winner stays, and more will be hosted throughout the day, as well as just open play. Anyone who has purchased a wristband is welcome to hop in and join the fun anytime, all day. 

How many games do I get to play?

  • Every participant with a wrist band is able to play in as many games as they want!
  • Without a wrist band, various events throughout the day will cost $5 to join in the fun for a half-hour.

    Are there prizes for the winners?

    • Winners of the various events will receive medals to show off to their friends!

    Why 1v1 Caño?

    • 1v1 soccer is a great way for players to develop their footskills in tight spaces. By playing in such a confined space, players are forced to learn skills that will keep a defender from taking possession of the ball, as well as how to keep the ball close to one's body and take on players in tight areas. The Caño Cage is a great way to create these skills because it forces players to develop good habits in a nonstop fun environment, where they want to keep playing over and over. This leads to more touches, and even more player development! 

    Want your very own Caño Cage™?

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