Nonstop fun

Nonstop fun

Fun for players of all ages and skill levels so everyone wants to play and play a lot.

Skills Building

Skills Building

Close quarters and rapid gameplay provides countless touches developing strong ball control and finesse.

Player Growth

Player Growth

Endless fun allows for continuous skill building which creates incredible players

The ball is always in play, kids learn to control the ball, manipulate it using the sole of their foot, block, tackle, create angles and get very fit in the process. By the way, we don’t teach them anything at this point, the kids go in the cage with no inhibitions and experiment, have fun and all come out smiling whether they have won or lost. Did I also mention they get 50+ touches in those 3 minutes! When was the last time a kid got 50 touches in a game!!

- Paul Harvey, Coach oat Box Hill United Australia
Caño™ Cage - 16' x 12'

Caño™ Cage - 16' x 12'

The perfect size for anyone to play.  Your 16' x 12' Caño Cage comes with everything you need to get started.  2 - 4 hours of assemble and a lifetime of fun.

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Key Features & Benefits


Highest quality turf in the market with a 5mm pad allows for fast play but also a soft field.  Players will feel like you are playing in the World Cup.


Scratch resistant and UV stable so it looks great inside out outside for years to come.


All posts and goals are powder coated metal which makes a strong rigid cage that will last for years.  These posts can also be anchored to the ground for increased strength.


The nets keep the ball in play at all times and allows players to maximize their development time playing soccer instead of chasing balls.


Walls allow for a clear viewing for spectators of all ages.  It also make the field look awesome form the inside and outside.


Provides an entirely new experience and one that develops a players juggling in a fun and easy way.

* = Optional

The Rules of Caño Soccer

  1. Matches are 1v1 or 2v2.
  2. Matches begin with each player in their goalie box and the ball on the center line.  Both players yell “Caño” and the game is on.
  3. Each game is played to 5 points.  If a match is still going after 5 minutes whoever is ahead wins or if the players are tied next goal wins.
  4. Caño, otherwise known as a nutmeg is when you put the ball through your opponents’ legs.  
  5. "Caño mas espectacular" is when you put the ball through your opponents legs and maintain control.
  6. A goal equals 1 point.  A Cano into the goal is 2 points. A “Caño mas espectacular” ends the game.  
  7. Once a player has possession they must shoot or attempt a caño within 10 seconds.
  8. Contact is not allowed in any way.  Initiating contact in anyway is a penalty and the other players gets the ball immediately.  The defense may hold their position.
  9. Neither player may use the wall to push off in any way.